Understanding District of Columbia Property Taxes

Overview of District of Columbia Taxes

The State of District of Columbia and all other local governments in District of Columbia collect a total of $13,250,139,000 in revenue every year. Of that, $2,540,863,000 comes from property taxes, or of total revenue. As a result, District of Columbia has the highest property tax rate in the country, which is than the national average of . Generally speaking, states where property taxes make up a higher percentage of total state revenue have higher property tax rates, and states where property taxes make up a smaller percentage of state revenue have lower property tax rates.

How does this translate to what homeowners actually pay? The average home value across District of Columbia is $597,086, meaning the average District of Columbia homeowner pays of their home value every year in property taxes, or $5.84 for every $1,000 in home value.

Property Tax Calendar

District of Columbia's property tax system is governed by state statute, which means that despite significant variation in what homeowners pay in different parts of District of Columbia, there are important constants. District of Columbia's assessment date, which is both the point in time when the owner of a property is liable for property tax and the point in time at the property's value is determined, varies by locality. District of Columbia property tax appeals, which allow homeowners to contest the assessment, varies by locality. The date which property tax bills become due on is March 31 and September 15.

Property Tax Calculator

If you are are a current homeowner in District of Columbia or are looking at buying a specific property in District of Columbia, check out our District of Columbia Property Tax Calculator to determine if you should consider appealing your property tax assessment.

Property Tax Tool

If you are planning to buy a home in District of Columbia and want to understand the size of your property tax bill, check out our District of Columbia Property Tax Tool to see what your bill would be.

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Property Tax Information for District of Columbia Counties

The table below will help provide more information about how property taxes work in each county in District of Columbia. Want to learn more about District of Columbia property taxes? Check out out our county-specific property tax pages linked below:

County Average Home Value Average Tax Bill Bill per $1,000
District of Columbia $597,086 $3,486 $5.80