Why You Should Always Appeal Your Property Taxes

Jan. 31, 2020 Property Taxes

If you’ve ever thought any of the following, you should read this:

“My home’s assessment seems fair.”
“I won my appeal last year, so why bother?”
“My assessment seems low - I don’t want to risk that by appealing.”

All three of these are common misconceptions. The fact is - you should always appeal your property tax bill. Even if your assessment looks fair, or if you’ve previously won an appeal, there is often room for improvement. As the housing market changes, and people around you appeal their own assessments, your property tax bill can often end up unfair.

So there’s always a chance that you can save. But here’s the most important reason why you should be appealing every year: you can never lose.

The county assessor can never raise your assessment because you appeal. And with taxProper’s pricing, if you don’t save, you get a full refund.

That means your worst case scenario when filing a taxProper property tax appeal is trying again next year.

Imagine you were in Vegas playing roulette and they said “On this spin, if you land on red you win $500; anything else you’ll have to try again next year.” You’d spin that wheel every time.